Semina Digeni

InfoBook cover for Semina Digeni’s fiction novel, design by Dafni Bei. Portfolio (bs) Banners & Stands Go To →

Heleco lamp package

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Heleco lamp package

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Semina Digeni

Infovarious digital banners for new book presentation Portfolio (bs) Banners & Stands Go To →


Infowebsite designed for reference to the estate of Maria Callas for legal and advertising purposes of her trustees. Portfolio (w) Websites Category Go To →


Infowebsite platform designed to create cultural activities in the visual field, especially in photography. Design by Daphnie Bei. Portfolio (w) Websites Category Go To →

Employees Manual, concept, design production

smart devices for home by heleco

88/pages lamp catalogue

catalogue of professional lighting


infoconference 2018 Portfolio (f) Flyers & Ads Category Go To →


jQuery(document).ready( function() { var bookletContainer = jQuery(".wp-booklet-603a3d56dccd4-container"); bookletContainer.wpBookletExtended({ width:707, height:1000, padding:0, speed:1000, direction:'LTR', delay:0, popupsEnabled:false, thumbnailsEnabled:false, arrowsEnabled:false, pageNumbersEnabled:false, bookletMargin:45, thumbnailsContainerMargin:11, coverBehavior:"center-closed" }); }); infoArtoza exhibition 2019 Portfolio (f) Flyers & Ads Category Go To →
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